A Barrier Lifted

A Barrier Lifted

October 12, 2014

Well, gridlings, it has been a very long time since I've written. Not really sure why. Some ill health, some RL stuff, and all not wirth saying much about. I do know that I have withdrawn somewhat from the Metverse as a whole. I simply saw too much male bovine fecal matter being spread around.

But, its time to get back at it.

I recently moved, folks, and included in my rent is land-line based Internet. That's right, no more Mobility Internet, which doesn't allow things like port forwarding or running No-IP.

That particular barrier to getting Excelsior Station online has now been lifted.

Over the next little while I will be copying my current version of the Station to my other computer. Its a single core machine with 4 Gb of RAM and 320Gb of harddrive. That should suffice until next year when I purchase a new system and this current one, a quadcore 64bit with 6Gb of RAM, can be added to the Station's resources.

Excelsior Station will be running WhiteCore. That means no HG or NPC at the moment, but those are coming. I hope to get the Station set up for people to be able to access the Kitely Market. There will be a new website, probably hosted on Weebly. That will be a more social, grid oriented site while this one will continue to be my own stuff. There will be voice. Financing will initially be out of pocket with donations. Land will be available, either by renting or by some other arrangement.

Excelsior Station is 8,192m by 8,192m in size. That is 1,024 SRE (Standard Region Equivalent). It will be supporting science fiction themed MMO-style role play using the Myriad RP System. It uses ODE physics and supports OSSL as well as AuroraSim's ASSL, though not yet fully.

I have no estimate of when it be online and accessible to you. If everything goes very well, perhaps next week. But, most likely, it will take longer.

I look invite and look forward to your thoughts, suggestions and ideas, but please, save them for when the new site is up.

And I very much look forward to having you visit.

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