A Bit Of Spring Cleaning
May 25, 2012

Well, it looks like I had just a few too many things on the go, gridlings. So its time to take care of things and clean up the To Do List.

So, let's see …. still dealing with the debugging in Created Worlds. Turns out that some of my textures just don't like my 64bit system anymore, and they got blanked. So, there's some re-texturing to do. Not a big deal, more of a chore than anything else. So, that's going on for a bit. And don't forget, if anyone of you is looking to diversify, contact Zarta Vargas through the Created Worlds website.

I brought Misfit's Folly up to date, though some of the parcels have messed up. Couchs are in place for people to relax on, Domes have been designated for freebies. The Myriad RP/Combat System is up to date, too. There's now two available, with and without combat, so everyone can enjoy the Role Play features of the system. Feel free to visit via HyperGrid, misfitsfolly.zapto.org:9000:headquarters in the Lower Realms. You can also create a new account and then wait for me to authourize it. It doesn't automatically notify me, so it might be a good idea to post a comment or email me. Or send a Tweet. Or, and we'll be getting Groups, Profiles and Search (using Speculoos setup)

I restructured my Kitely Worlds, too. I was not happy with them, but they ended up being back-burnered. Finally began to deal with it. Its a whole new project. Port Conor. A Port is a cross-roads, with something new all the time, both a safe haven and a dangerous jungle, things are almost always interesting in a port. And Conor is Latin for "venture". So, "new venture" becomes Port Conor. It too has designated Domes for freebies and the Myriad system is updated. Its the only Region/World at present, I deleted the others. The plan now is to wait on megaregions and then create an archipelago. With each island connected by a bridged roadway. Until then, I'll be working on putting together sculpties, scripts, animations and everything else to open up an Excelsior Armaments shop there. This is the time to do it as Kitely is now working on enabling inworld currency.

And I've even turned my attention to my InWorldz shop. One of the biggest hold backs is a lack of necessary animations. Well, I got a copy of Gregg Legendary's Qavimator tutorials. If you have an InWorldz presence, and you want to get it, Kiera Angel posted it at http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=47&p=95258#p95258, and the location is New Orleans, 98, 158, 2003.

Misfit's Index of Viewers needs a minor update as there have been a couple of new releases and there's more features to be checked and listed. That's an ongoing project, so nothing major to report there.

So things are now at the point where I can get back to getting the InWorldz shop open again and I can also begin exploring Kitely while looking for those various things I need to get ready for inworld currency. I can continue testing the viewers while exploring the HyperGrid. I'll also be travelling around to meet content creators and invite them to place vendors on my little corner of the metaverse.

So, things are going well and things are fun. I guess I can't ask for anything more than that.

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