Can Aurorasim Connect To Opensim?
March 31,2012

An interesting question was asked earlier this morning on Ener Hax's blog by Xpontaneous which was

"… Can I connect an Aurora to Osgrid … ?"

I didn't see why not, though it would depend on how AuroraSim and OpenSim handle the information between them. Well, I went to the source, the AuroraSim developers themselves. I logged into the #aurora-dev IRC channel and asked.

"[12:49] I’ve got what I think is an interesting question. Can an AuroraSim instance hosted on my computer connect to and join an OpenSim grid, such as OSG? I don’t mean using HyperGrid, I mean join the grid itself, becoming one of their regions.
[12:49] yes"

Now, how you do it is another thing, one I will leave for others to work through until I can improve my own skills. But I will go through the configurations and see if I can find a few paths to follow.

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