Excelsior Station Has A Home!!
March 12, 2012

That's right, gridlings, Excelsior Station has been adopted by a soon-to-go-public grid, Created Worlds, which is here: http://createdworlds.com/beta/

And I have to give a very big thank you to Zarta Vargas and Nichodemos Vesperia for accepting me and the Station. Even more so, thank you for the compliment. You see, folks, they contacted me and invited me to join. Not the other way around. Seems they've been reading this site and like what I'm doing. To me, that's a helluva compliment. Even more so, this is a big step towards achieving one of the major goals I have set out here. To open Excelsior Station to the public.

So, let me tell you a bit about Created Worlds, gridlings. They are science fiction themed and dedicated to roleplay. That's another goal of mine, to support and promote roleplay throughout the metaverse as a method of increasing its adoption by the general public. And the sci-fi just makes it all the better. Especially since they are putting the emphasis on creating your own sci-fi. They aren't against Star Trek and Star Wars and such, but, like me, they want to support other sci-fi related themes and especially original work.

They have some great Windlight and LightShare environmental effects going on, so don't go with the default Midday setting. Go with the Region Default. Trust me. And wait until they get to playing around with some of the environmental configurations that are available in AuroraSim. Such as setting gravity to a specific point in space. And just imagine what Tinies would do with an asteroid at 2,000 meters.

Created Worlds is right in the middle of switching over to AuroraSim, too, so the Station will be retaining its 1024x1024 size. And then there's the Infiinite Region capability. That means I can build and fly my BattleCruiser across 'uncharted' waters to do battle. Eventually. And supporting the AuroraSim is another big plus.

Created Worlds has a Welcome Centre, with freebies available, and a few other features that you might find interesting. But I don't want to let the cat out of the bag on what those are.

Since they already have a Welcome Centre set up, I decided to remove mine. Wow, what a difference that made. Excelsior Station now has 57,659 prims, a decrease of about 25%. There are now only 2,442 active scripts, too, which is a decrease of around 60%!

So, the Settlement is now The Colony and it has my combat system set out.

That's based on Myriad Lite in accordance with their license under Creative Commons. I do say its my system since I have been editing it to work with AurroaSim and Excelsior Station, as well as Kitely and InWorlds. And I do give credit to the actual creators on this site and in each world where I have set it up. I even include "Myriad" as the first part of the name. Anyway, I've set the Colony as a no combat area,

although there is a training/sparring area available.

Any sparring or training doesn't count for experience, but you can use it to get used to your weapons and animations, as well s a bit of friendly sparring.

Oh, and there's also a medical dome now, too.

I've been busy throughout the rest of the sim, too.

What's sci-fi without a floating structure of some kind?

Just imagine what Tinies would do with this. Maybe Raglan Shire would be interested. "Tinies In Space!"

I also built a ShipYard.

There's two ships being built there. I have a third that is parked on the landing field, with a furnished copy docked at the docking tower.

And it wouldn't be a port without PortSide and its twisted alleys.

There's more, folks, but you'll just have to wait and discover them for yourselves.

Okay, okay, … just a hint, though …. think monsters and deadly traps ….

Created Worlds is in Beta and they project 3 to 6 months before officially opening. But that's not firm. We've all gone through the building phase and there is always problems that blind-side you, so that projection is by no means a promise. However, they are accepting applications for people to help with testing and building. If you're interested, here's the link: http://createdworlds.com/beta/accounts/register.php
But be aware, they are allowing access only on individual review. They are still working on balancing resources while building things up, too. Its definitely not open to exploration. It'd be like trying to explore an empty warehouse. The structure's there, but there's nothing really interesting inside.

They also have a beta land offer here: http://createdworlds.com/beta/landsettlement/.
Just look for the button on the left named Beta Discount Offer. And the thing as with access, its by individual review. But if you do get approved, you will have access of course.

If you do register, they are being kept so you will be informed once you do have access, though it might not be until the full opening.

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