Excelsior Station: Reborn
April 20, 2016

Well, gridlings, as you can see from the title, I have relaunched Excelsior Station. A full rebuild, from the ground up. Not my own independent stand-alone, though. No, this time Excelsior Station is a 1,024x1,024 VarRegion on DigiWorldz. I've got 16,000 prims to work with, so its going to be a bit sparse for awhile. But it is keeping to a loosely based scifi theme. That is, it is sci-fi themed but adhering to no particular or theme beyond that.

I wonder what a steampunk Gorean cyborg furry would look like …

I've got a Market built, 8 small shops and 14 large ones for a total of 28 shops. Just setting up the rental system and final details to do on that.

There's an Arena for melee combat already built. I do have the Myriad RP System imported but I need to work on the scripts before setting up the system.

Space is set aside for a club and more space is available for other venues.

Areas for a starport and a seaport are marked out. The docks of the seaport and the landing area of the starport will be designated as Safe Zones, but not the areas in between. The seaport will have a PortTown, a maze of alleys, buildings, warehouses and walkways outside of the docks. Its a lawless area, so people can go and have fun shooting the place up. The starport is intended to be a place for people to land and launch to and from one or more space stations. Maybe I'll build a spacestation of rentable skyboxes.

There will be space set aside for a Guild Hall. That's for the various RP groups who decide to make Excelsior Station their home. The Merchant Group is already created, so they'll be represented. Details beyond that are still to be worked out. The main reason for doing this is because RP is no fun when its only one person setting the "rules". So, a Guild Council to work things out. Involve some politics, make deals, alliances …. betrayals.

Most of the roads are already built, but need to layout the residential area.

The main colony area, which excludes the seaport and the starport, will be a No Combat Safe Zone. It will have walls and defenses around it. That is because the rest of the region is hostile. Rogue droids. Aliens. Mutants. Zombies. Alien mutant zombies. And other people. Did I mention that its lawless?

Over time I will be building encounters and quests. I will also be using two Periodic Tables of Elements. Yes. two. One is the one we have in RL and the other is of the imaginary elements used in sci-fi novels, films, comics, etc. The basic rule is that everything has to be based in technology.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

~ Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Well, does that not imply that magic can be explained as being advanced technology? That is what the Imaginary Elements are for. using them will be the basis for that "advanced technology". Although, it will mean a little research on your part to ensure that you know what the properties are of the elements you use.

The sim is set to an Adult rating so as to be as inclusive as possible. That means that furries, child avies, Goreans, Vampires, Tinies, Lycan and all are welcome. Just honour the RP (no child avies in the bars or on the flight line, please)

Anyway, here's the HG address:

login.digiworldz.com:8002:Excelsior Station

Feel free to drop by and have a look around.
If you've got questions, drop me an IM.

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