Fighting The Child Avatar FUD
March 6, 2013

Over and over again I keep reading those declarations that anyone who uses or supports the use of child avatars is supporting paedophilia.

By the logic of those people, anyone engaged in using child avatars to overcome childhood trauma is supporting paedophilia. So is everyone who engages in Family RP. As is anyone playing the role of a drummer boy in a Civil War recreation sim.

The people who are making such statements seem to have no understanding of human behaviour. I don’t pretend to know how a paedophile’s mind works. But I do have a basic understanding of human nature.

Nobody is going to go looking for something where they know it cannot be found. If I am wanting to meet a woman who has similar interests as I do, I am not going to go to a gay singles site. I am not going to go to Sesame Street World (if there is such a site for children). I am not going to go to a site for college students. I am going to go to a site for people like me and her.

So, why would a paedophile go to a grid that doesn’t allow children? A paedophile is going to go to sites that cater to children, even if he has to lie about his own adulthood to gain access. He is not going to go to a grid that does not allow children to enter.

Yes, its true, there are kids who sneak onto grids. But let’s be realistic. A paedophile isn’t going to enter a grid trying to find one of those hidden children. Too much work when he can go hangout on FaceBook for easier pickings.

Human beings do not pursue sexual relations with others who do not match their ‘orientation’ or who do not fit that particular ‘type’ that attracts them. Being straight, I’m not going to go to a gay bar to pickup a woman. Furthermore, if you are straight, are you going to have sex with a man who is wearing a dress? If you are attracted to weightlifter-fit types with long hair, you aren’t going to seek out a balding accountant type. If you are attracted to short people, you aren’t going to seek out basketball players. The same behaviour rules a paedophile. It doesn’t matter how realistic the child avatar is, being on a grid that doesn’t allow children, he will know that the person behind the child avatar is an adult. And so no matching of ‘orientation’ or ‘attraction type’.

Hopefully, those points I have made will work against the FUD that surrounds child avatars. But there’s one more point to bring to your attention. A factual one. Crime statistics.

According to Stranger Danger ( “In 1986, child sexual abuse cases were 16% of all reported cases. In 1998, child sexual abuse cases were 10% of all reported cases.” From 1990 to 1997, there has been //”There has been a 26% decline in the rate per 1,000 of substantiated cases of child sexual abuse since 1992.”

According to Free-Range Kids (, juvenile homicides of kids under 14 were down by 36% from 1993 to 2005 and down 60% for those 14 to 17.

That’s right, crime is dropping. Including crimes against children. I can list site after site of reports and statistics that show this, but don’t take my word for it. Go ahead, Google “crime statistics 2000 to 2013” for yourself and you will see that I am correct.

I am not saying that we should not be vigilant. I am not saying that we should not care for and protect the well being of all children. I am saying that we should not use the protection of children as an excuse to promote hatred and intolerance of others. Especially when that hate and intolerance is based on something as transient and changing as an avatar.

The hatred and intolerance against child avatars is nothing but FUD.

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