I Am Not A Lemming
August 11, 2012

Yesterday, August 10, Linda Kellie posted to her blog a piece titled "Lemmings..." in which she claims that anyone not willing to try something new are nothing more than lemmings. And this really pissed me off.

All around me are people who are afraid to try something new. They wait for something to get "popular" before they will try it. And then when everyone else does it then they will. These people are Lemmings.

So, let me get this straight. Because people are not going to blindly jump off a cliff into something new they are the same as little rodents who blindly follow others into jumping off of cliffs? (as the urban legend goes). She goes on to complain how everybody else isn’t trying out GridCache and SpotOn3D. She seems to be coming to the conclusion that we are passing up on such wonderful things because we are not blindly following her.

… I just wanted to have a place to connect with the people who were interested in what I am interested in (virtual worlds). But most virtual world people won't make their way over to GridCache until it is popular. …

I don’t know about others but I don’t use GridCache because I’m not much of a social media oriented person. I’m not on FaceBook. I have a G+ account because they allow pseudonyms and for those occasions where I have more to say than 140 characters will allow. Klout was fun to game a bit, but got kinda dull. I joined Twitter to keep up with announcements about the various things I am interested in, like the development of Myriad or the updates going on in InWorldz. I soon recognized it as a valuable method of staying in touch with “the people who were interested in what I am interested in.” Its also a great tool for passing on info and links about those social issues that I think are important enough to pass on. Like fighting copyright trolls, human rights abuses, abuse of power by police, political hypocrisy, technological advancements and more. And, to be honest, I love a good challenge. And trying to say what you mean in only 140 characters is a challenge. No yadda yadda, no beating around the bush, just plain and simple saying it short and sweet.

I am not going to blindly follow someone into using GridCache or any other social media.

I get raked over the coals all the time for exploring new places and new lifestyles. Some work and some don't. But I would rather try and fail than to never try again. I would rather take the chance that I might find my utopia than to wait around for the group of people to lead me to it.

Frankly, I see Linda getting raked over coals for her attitudes, not for her explorations. When people disagree with her decisions or statements, she calls them trolls. Yet she’s the one doing the name-calling. Isn’t that what trolls do, call people names? When she joined SpotOn3D she called the rest of us idiots because we won’t support their hypocrisy and threats. It seems to me that anyone who ignores hypocrisy and bullying is an idiot. And now, when people don’t blindly follow her off the SO3D cliff, we are called lemmings.

Linda, if you are so adventurous, why are you exploring an OpenSim based grid? That is what SO3D is, after all, just another flavour of OpenSim. Why have you not given AuroraSim a try? I did. I actually prefer AuroraSim over OpenSim. But you don’t see me crapping on everyone because they aren’t rushing to adopt it. You pat yourself on the back about trying different lifestyles, but you weren’t the first. You followed others who tried those lifestyles before you. I, too, have tried different lifestyles, but I have no need to go crowing about it.

Just because people find places they like and support doesn’t make them lemmings. It makes them people who are enjoying things and palce they have found. When people come together with common interests and to work for common goals, that makes them a community. If you haven’t found your place yet, so be it. But don’t crap on us for it.

I loved Second Life. I left because Linden Lab’s attitudes suck. When SpotOn3D first started I checked it out and thought that they had potential. Then they filed for those patents and told the rest of us that they will sue anyone who infringes. Their hypocrisy over building the metaverse and their bullying with threats of litigation is an attitude that sucks.

I respect Linda Kellie’s creativity. I respect her generousity. But frankly, her attitude fucking sucks. She has equated us with brainless rodents. Well, if we’re going to use the Animal Kingdom for our similes, then consider those that join together for common goals and who help each other and their community, who defend each other and their community.

I am not a lemming. I am a wolf.

I eat lemmings for lunch.

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