I M Ba-a-ack

January 13, 2012

Thanks to everyone for their patience. I've dealt with almost everything that was screwed up over the holidays. It was one of those times when everything was going bad. And apologies to anyone I've offended, I was expressing some anger that ended up being misdirected. And due to an incorrect diagnosis.

Anyway, I'm back and will be carrying on as if nothing happened :-)

And I've been working away on Excelsior Station. The major structures are complete and I have only to script some doors and do a bit of re-texturing, too. I've also put together an Aurora version of Sim-on-a-Stick which I will be sending off to Ener with the hope that she adds it to her own site, making both available.

Plans to go public are still truckin' along and should be complete in another month or so. Not only that, but while I was away, I was offered an opportunity to discuss a local solution to hosting, so I have to follow that up first.

Hope everyone had good holidays and have a happy Friday the 13th.

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