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Table 1 - Address

Sim HyperGrid Address Realm WebPage/Account Registration
Augurey Peak any OSGrid HG address, then TP (see Comments) Upper Realms
ixi Combat Sandbox Middle Realms
Karsadia Middle Realms
LANI1 Middle Realms
Misfit's Folly Lower Realms

1 Name shortened for space. Actual name is LANI SciFi Space RolePlay RP World

Table 2 - Location Information

Sim Grid/StandAlone Region Landing Point Combat/Duelling RP System(s) Server'ware Maturity Rating
Augurey Peak OSGrid Augurey Peak Augurey Peak No None OpenSim Mature
ixi Combat Sandbox OSGrid ixi ixi Combat Sandbox Yes [LGS] Myriad (all versions) OpenSim General/PG
Karsadia OSGrid Nephretes Karsadia Yes [LGS] Myriad OpenSim Mature
LANI1 OSGrid Lani LANI 1 Yes [LGS] Myriad (all versions) OpenSim General/PG
Misfit's Folly Misfit's Folly Headquarters Misfit's Folly Yes Myriad (all versions) OpenSim Mature/Moderate

Table 3 - Description

Sim Theme Category Theme Description Comments
Augurey Peak Fantasy Augurey Peak is an Irish Harry Potter spin off RPG. We don't use any HUDs beyond a character tool to speak as a different ic name if your avatar name differs from your character name. We role play out spells and actions. Please read the info in the green mailbox when you arrive on the sim if you wish to join the RPG. We have a visitor group for those who wish to only play occasionally and/or just try us out. Type Augurey into map search to find our sim on OSGrid.
ixi Combat Sandbox Sci-fi Dune-Inspired Sci Fi Space Combat Sandbox with Roleplay Game Play Ground level: Combat Sandbox & Changing Rooms. Space level: Great Hall of Combat and Spacecraft Combat
Karsadia Sci-fi A Sci Fi original roleplay that started on Java Chat 14 years ago now has been given life. * The home of our Empress Eliza DeManjrick * Let Destiny be your guide: * Where Faith, magick and technology meet. * Air here is toxic due to the doomsday device. * Only hybrids (furries) and spice changed creatures can breathe the air. * Wear your gas mask and enjoy your stay.
LANI1 Sci-fi Dune-Inspired Sci Fi Space RolePlay and Game Play, non-canon Futuristic Technology Space Feudal RP with adjacent [LGS] Myriad-based Combat armory sandbox
Misfit's Folly Sci-fi Loosely themed Sci-fi, Tech preferred, magecraft allowed. Flight, ground, water surface, submersible across two island regions. Not reading the Welcome Notecard is no excuse! All are welcome. RolePlay as light or as heavy as you wish, respect others.

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