Leapin' Before Lookin'
March 20, 2013

So, I had another one of my ideas for a project. With the move to OpenSim, I have been thinking about where to start. I have an idea for which terrain to use, and I still have my backups of various regions I have worked, so I have a starting build. But now what? Those other regions are all workshops of one kind or another. So, I have been letting things sort of simmer, waiting for some images to come to mind (that's what happens for me, I get a mental image) of how to make the changes form a workshop, to something that made sense as a hangout RP place.

So, why not as a real rebuild. Its a rebuild that is the result of moving from AuroraSim to OpenSim. So, I got to thinking about that, and started picturing how to explain things. That is, a sim has to make sense when you are there. Energy sources, buildings, travelways, all the things for role play to take place in.

Next thing I know, I am imagining how station commanders have done things across the history of science fiction.

Many of my favourite sci-fi is the ones that use a log, diary or journal.

What a great way to give Excelsior Station its own story.

A Station Log

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