Misfit's Index Of RP Sims (MIRPS)

Welcome to Misfit's Index of RolePlay Sims or MIRPS. (What can I say, I like acronyms.)

I hope to make this the place to find a Grid, StandAlone or Region that supports RolePlay. If your Sim is not listed, and you want it to be, please fill out the Request to be Listed form.

When you fill out the Request, there is some information that is required. I want to know who to address, so your avatar name is required. I need to notify you of when your Sim gets listed, or maybe I need some clarification, so an email address is required. I do not give out anyone's email address. The name of the Grid or Standalone where your Sim is and its HomePage or Registration page is required. This allows people to set up an account with you if they don't have an HG enabled Home elsewhere. And the Region name if your Sim is part of a grid. Just seems to be good info to have for people, at a minimum. And of course, people will want to gridhop in to visit so the HyperGrid address si required. Please ensure you include which "Realm" you are in, Lower/Low, Middle/Central or Upper/High. And don't forget the name of the Sim, itself.

You will find the Index of RolePlay Sims here.

If you want to update a listed Sim's information, please ensure that you fill out the required information as well as any information to be updated and then check the Update Information checkbox.

If you wish to have a listed Sim remove, please ensure that you fill out the required information only and then check the Update Information checkbox. Its not required, but please let me know why you want the Sim to be removed form the Index using the Comments section.

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