More Goodies!
October 25, 2011

Two of my favourite sites for content have been busy since I first posted about them. That's OpenSim Creations and Linda Kellie. Both of them are well worth checking on a regular basis.

At both sites you will find builds, textures, clothes, terrains, OARs and more. This time, though, I was very pleasantly surprised at what I found at Linda's site. Three more OAR files, which will be a big help with completing Excelsior Station. I'll post later on how to load OpenSim based OAR files to an AuroraSim grid.

Even better, though, she's posted a link to a sculpty site!

Check out Phaze Demesnes, my fellow gridlings, tons of sculpts there, all free to use. I've not had a chance to really take a look around, but a quick scan has shown me enough to add this one to the Content Providers page.

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