More Pics!
July 7, 2013

We got a roadway! And what a roadway it is. It starts at the parking lot at the Landing Zone.


Each section is 100 metres long. Those round spots are the antigrav units that support the roadway. Each has a paved area that is 21m across.


I did come up with a different solution to intersections.


Its not very long before the roadway passes through the mountains. The Fangs can be seen up ahead.


And here we are, beside The Fangs. We can see where the town is beginning to be laid out.
The roadway only goes this far. I haven't counted, but I think there's over 30 sections, or 3 kilometers of roadway, including that 'spur' that runs off to the east. Eventually, it will run all the way out to the First Prim. And perhaps to that island I put in the southeast corner.

I'm also looking for a good set of scripts that will operate a 'train'. Think "transit pods", though. There would be one one-way line between any two points, so two lines between each place. LZ to PortSide. LZ to StarPort, StarPort to PortSide. When you consider that the structure is going to be made of tubes, well, I picture something wonderfully complicated. The way it would work is that a person would go to the start of one of the lines and rez a pod. The sit in the pod and press the 'Go' button. Off the pod goes, zipping real fast through its tube until it gets to its destination. It decelerates and waits for the passenger to UnSit before it derezzes.

I put some emphasis on myself to get these done as soon as I can. That is because such large infrastructure systems relating to transportation have always affected the surrounding urban, suburban and rural environments. Even at the Landing Zone, you can see how some of that area will develop. Stairs and a walkway to the primary Landing Point. Transit Station to be added, probably on the east side so as to make running the transit tubes alongside the roadway easier to begin.

By the way, if anyone has something they would like to add to Excelsior Station, please let me know. A monument, starship, wreck, tech, whatever. No promises to include it, but we'll talk about it, including proper attribution.

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