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May 17, 2012

The other day Linda Kellie Tweeted about a new venture from Timothy Viper. Timothy ran CyberWrld, which was best known for its support of Furries. However, he had to close down. I'm not sure why, and that is actually immaterial. And Timothy isn't out of the picture, either. He's still here in the Metaverse, but now he's hosting regions and sims at SoftPaws Estates. Being the ever curious cat, I went and took a look.

He's got some good deals happening, gridlings. Good enough that I've signed up!

There's two types of packages available. One set has two deals that set you up with a region on OSGrid and the other has two that set you up with your own independent sim. Of course I went with the independent set up. The Slim Sim package, actually.

Now, you might think that its not that good a deal, being only 15,000 prims total whether you have one or two regions. But think about it. With one region that is exactly the same as you would get in Second Life, but at zero cost to set up and only 5% of SL’s tier. And no “Your stuff is ours” Terms of Service, either.

In fact, Timothy’s rates are better than InWorldz. Sure, you can get three times the prims on a private region on InWorldz, but at five times what Timothy is charging. Don’t get me wrong. There’s definitely other things that InWorldz has Timothy beat on. IW is a closed grid so they have an inworld economy, which is a huge plus in my books. I am definitely not closing my shop there.

Getting set up was very easy, too. A half a dozen emails as we worked out the details and we were set. Timothy is friendly and professional, which impressed me. I already have respect for him due to his willingness to stand up to the haters by supporting Furries and Nekos. He does his billing through PayPal. He’s even setting me up with a handbook on how to do all the Remote Admin stuff, which I have no experience at. And I get to have my own domain name, too. Free.

So, like I said, I went with the Slim Sim package, two regions, a total of 15,000 prims. I’m going to leave the second region undeveloped, though, so lots of room for RP. And I’m not going to build up the main region all that much. Just a place to live, an Arrival Point, maybe a few other features.
I haven’t given up on Excelsior Station, either. No way. That’s my baby. But that doesn’t mean I can’t diversify, does it? And there’s a very good reason for me to do this. My ISP setup pretty much makes it impossible for me to run a sim from home and be able to HyperGrid around. Yes, Timothy’s deals include HG capability. And remote admin, so I can load my own OARs and IARs, pretty much do everything I need to do that would be available if I were running it from here. Which brings me to why I did this.

I hate having to re-script my builds.

This way, I can build at home, which saves on data costs. Yes, I’m on one of those flex plans. I don’t have a cap on the data, but I do have one on my wallet. So, I need to be able to build offline, then upload the finished product.

This is the almost perfect solution. I can build something here at home, script it, animate it, give it sound and then save a copy into a specific folder in my Inventory. I can then save that folder as an IAR and upload it to my online self. From there, I can HyperGrid out to wherever the build is going to go and set it up.

Its a Diva Distro setup, so you should be able to create a new account on the webpage, but you will have to email me to if you want to create an account and I finally figured out how to activate new accounts, so using the site is okay. Feel free to drop a comment that you've created an account. Everyone is welcome and HyperGrid should be setup soon works just fine right from the start. So drop by, have a look around, say hello, help yourselves to any freebies I may have set out and so on.

Welcome to Misfit’s Folly.

Beer’s in the fridge, don’t step on the cat.

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