New At Aurorasim
March 7, 2012

So, with all that's been going on, I've not been keeping up to date with developments at AuroraSim. Their website was closed for a short bit, but a new one has been built. Looks good, too. You can find it at

And the devs have been working hard, too. The last stable release they had before the old website went down was 0.4.2, though you could go to their github location (, along with optional modules and such, and then compile the server'ware yourself. And now there is a new release, 0.5.0 which you can get at

I have discovered one problem, though, which I've posted in the AuroraSim forums. The problem is with cross-compatability. That is, using OpenSim stuff on AuroraSim and AuroaSim stuff on OpenSim. The problem is that an IAR saved from AuroraSim does not load into OpenSim, even though you use the same viewer (not sure if that's a factor). So, time to wait for an answer and see what's happening on that.

XMLs are still fine and you can still do the usual uploading of textures and all.

OAR files run into the problem of variable region versus megaregion. Makes sense, though. Excelsior Station is 1024x1024. OpenSim likely reads OAR files and expects to see it for the standard 256x256, so all the info from an AuroraSim OAR gets read into that smaller space. Loading an OpenSim OAR into AuroraSim can be done, but takes a little work. Essentially, you load the OpenSim OAR into your AuroraSim. It will default to the SW corner of your grid. Next, you move all the prims from there to where you want them.

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