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Use this form to request having your Sim listed. It will be emailed for review and verification. Once accepted, it will be listed and you will be notified at the email address you supply.

If you want to update a listed Sim's information, please ensure that you fill out the required information as well as any information to be updated and then check the Update Information checkbox.

If you wish to have a listed Sim remove, please ensure that you fill out the required information only and then check the Update Information checkbox. Its not required, but please let me know why you want the Sim to be removed form the Index using the Comments section.

Your avatar name
Name of the Sim
Required. The "public" or "common" name of the Sim eg: Misfit's Folly is the collective common name for the 2 regions, Headquarters and Conor, on the Misfits Folly StandAlone
Name of Grid/StandAlone
Grid URL
Required. Enter the Grid's WebPage/Account registration URL e.g.-
Name of Region
Required. Use the Grid Name if they are the same
Name of Landing Point
HyperGrid Address
Enter the HG address for the HyperGrid Landing Point, including the Realm e.g - - Lower Realms
What Server'ware is being used?
Optional. Please enter OpenSim, AuroraSim, the name of similar serverside software that is being used
Option. How or who provides the hosting. eg: SoftPaw Estates hosts Misfit's Folly. Enter Self if the Sim is hosted on your own computer.
Host Service URL
Please enter the website of the Hosting Service that the Sim uses. eg: the website for SoftPaw Estates is
Maturity Rating
Optional. General, Mature, Adult, or the appropriate mix
Enter a one or two word description such as Sci-Fi, Western, 18th Century, Furry, etc
What is the overall theme of your sim?
Is combat/duelling allowed?
check this if your sim allows combat or dueling
Do you use a scripted RP System?
What RP System(s) does your Sim support?
Don't enter anything if your Sim doesn't support a RolePlay System
Are you updating a listed Sim's information?
Are you requesting a listed Sim's removal?
Any extra comments?
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