Station Log

March 20, 2013

Station status: Due to an unexpected phase shift, the station is now lost somewhere in the Metaverse. Excelsior Station is severely damaged and it will require an almost complete reconstruction. Currently, all major systems appear to be functioning within normal parameters. My priority at the moment is to assess the effects the phase shift had on the environment and on the station itself.

March 22, 2013

Its all changed.

Its still Excelsior Station, but, at the same time, it isn’t. The land has been, reduced is the only word. Where once was 64 square kilometres of unexplored hills and valleys, there is now only one-sixty-fourth of a kilometre. The Colony, PortSide, the Shipyard, all of it is gone. What is left now sits on the tops of a few basalt spires, the long cold lava that was left when an ancient volcano finally died, its softer cone of ash and debris long since worn away.

Most of the Station’s buildings are gone. Most of the data centre is gone, though there are a few damaged systems left behind. The electronics tower, with its sensor arrays, has vanished as though it never existed. Miraculously, my ship, Misfit’s Folly, has survived, though with some damage. Or maybe its some sort of alternate version. In any case, I will have to repair the Folly’s sensors before I will be able to learn where the Station and I now are.

The HyperGrid engine is intact, but the ‘Gates and the supporting control structures have vanished. It is now above ground, somehow floating without any visible support. There are catwalks surrounding it, with monitoring stations here and there, but it is not in any physical contact with the ground or any object around it. It just sits there, floating.

There is also a bunker with a vehicle bay, some control stations and little else in it. I did find a couple of my hovervehicles and my old hoverboard in the bay, but there’s not much else. Not that there’s any place left to drive too. I’m calling it the FUD Bunker for want of a better name. At the very least, I’ll be able to store my weapons and other gear in it.

There is also some sort of automated factory here now, too. I am not quite sure what it makes, part of it is clearly missing. Perhaps lost wherever the HyperGates are. I’ll give it a good looking over once I get the sensors repaired and more systems online.

There is one more oddity. I found some sort of ancient relic, right in the very centre of the region. It’s a pyramid, though slanted and askew, clearly of alien manufacture, though of no species I am familiar with. There may be more information about it in what remains of the Station’s data banks.

Still no other survivors found.

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