Station Staus Report: February 3 2012

Well, as I've said, I've been trying to keep up with things and I've been working away at getting the region and builds for Excelsior Station ready to go public, which is pretty much complete. maybe future residents will complete that on their own. I've also begun working on some starships, which I will be putting out there as IARs. I'm waiting on a response to an email earlier today about hosting services based in Ontario. One of those 'friend-of-a-friend' things. I think the corporate bigwigs call it 'networking'.

I'm using the Jan 8th release of AurorSim from their github repository. Excelsior Station is still setup as a stand-alone, though I am planning on trying my hand at gridding it., but using my local address for everything. I expect to be able to add a 2nd, perhaps even a 3rd, computer to my setup here at home within a couple of months. That will also depend on what is the best hosting solution for me.

Through my involvement with a couple of local community organisations, I met a local Community Advocate who sounded interested in the IP Protection and Copyright laws. Being a privately owned, non-commercial setup, I likely will not need any legal representation. But, to ignore the fact that there are copyright trolls and system abusers, its nice to know that there is someone local I can go to get the proper information from. Besides, Excelsior Station may just grow into something that requires incorporating and such, which would also affect how the laws are applied.

Speaking of which, under Canadian law, web hosts, content providers, etc are automatically granted safe harbour status. This includes virtual worlds in that we host and provide content. What Canada does not have is a Notice and Takedown system. Despite that, I plan on honouring any lawfully issued Notices. No promise on that, yet. I want to talk it over with the local advocate, first. I hope to get him to act as agent.

I'm using Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 (Sep 8 2011 17:16:46) with the graphics set at High with a bit of tweaking down. This is best for building. There is some lag, mostly with slow texture loading. Here are the system stats:

CPU: AMD Athlon LE-1620 Single Core Processor at 2712.33 MHz
SSE Support: SSE2
Memory: 3070 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce 9500 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
Windows Graphics Driver Version:
OpenGL Version: 3.3.0

Viewer SSE Version: SSE2
libcurl Version: libcurl/7.18.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3
J2C Decoder Version: OpenJPEG:, Runtime:
Audio Driver Version: OpenAL, version 1.1 ALSOFT 1.13 / OpenAL Community / OpenAL Soft: DirectSound Default
Qt Webkit Version: 4.6 (version number hard-coded)
Packets Lost: 0/20819 (0.0%)

Excelsior Station is a single region of 1,024 meters by 1,024 meters. It now has 70,502 prims on it and 3,447 active scripts. My current system is at its limits, but over all, not bad for a single core system that is also running Imp as well as the sim.

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