Station Status Report: New Hardware Integration Successful
April 14, 2012

This past week, on Good Friday, as a matter of fact, I received three years of back tax rebates. Fifteen hundred bucks worth of cha-ching!

Well, I took care of some bills, put some extra food in the fridge, partied a bit with some friends (got drunk for the first time in 4 years) and bought a new computer.

Its an AMD A8-3820 APU QuadCore processor running at 2500Mhz. Its got 6Gb of RAM and a 1.5Tb harddrive, which I've partitioned to a 100Tb partition and a 500Gb partion. One for programs and system files, the other for my sims and files and archives. The graphics are Radeon HD 6550D embedded in the motherboard. Pretty good system, though the graphics aren't all that great. And its ATI. The problem is that the case is too small to swap my nVida 9500GT in.

But I found a solution. I now have them networked as a LAN, via a Cisco router. Just left everything at default and now I've got the quadcore running my at-home sim and my single core is running everything else. I did lose the use of the Apache server from SoaS. Its just stops running. No problem logging in though.

Next is to get my system online.

And that's where I've got problems. You see, my Internet service is a mobility service. The setup uses a USB stick to connect to the network (its Bell Mobility, btw), so none of the instructions that I find work out. The whole of the system starts with the region server quadcore, connected via ethernet to the Cisco router/hub. This also connects my single core applications system. This system connects to the Internet. In short, the region server has to go through the LAN router/hub, then my the applications computer to connect.

If anyone has any tips or links, feel free to comment, I'll appreciate the help.

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