Still Truckin' On
February 22, 2013

Its been busy over the last little while. Taking on Grid Press has been quite a job. Fun, though. I plan on putting out a call for volunteers to help staff it. I’ll be adding a Twitter Follow button and feed here very soon. Grid Press has been assimilated by FaceBorg, so go ahead and look for it. Its there as an organization, not a personal account, so none of my personal info is there.

I’m still upgrading Excelsior Station from v1.024 to v4.096. That is, from 1,024m by 1,024m to 4,096m by 4,096m.

The Colony build is done, that’s the name of the Welcome Centre parcel.

I’m stocking it with a bunch of Linda’s freebies. My hat’s off to her in thanks and recognition of her creativity and generousity. Nobody can take that away from her. To me, there’s an added benefit to having some of her things available. Doing so does help people to get a good fast start on getting themselves settled. But there’s also continuity. A person can go from grid to grid and have an avatar that looks the same on each grid without having to import or manually edit their appearance. Continuity is important as it is the root of being recognized from grid to grid.

And there’s lots of room for others, too. There will be four areas with a floor space of roughly 30m by 50m. The areas will be for female avatars, male avatars, RP (including avatars and costumes) and odds ‘n sods. A couple of free buildings, furnishings, things like that.

The hosting hardware is ready. I’m going with Zetamex. I’ve worked briefly with Timothy Rogers, their CEO. He’s highly motivated, very community oriented and a likeable person. So, I’ve been working hard to finish the OAR for uploading.

No promises, but I am targeting March 1st to go public.

So, with some good luck, it should open New Years Day.

I have some thoughts about a preamble and some definitions for the future Terms of Service. Initially, things will run on a best behaviour expectation. I’ll write something on this in a day or two. The same for intellectual property and copyright information. That is the subject for another day.

Okay, so for today, I want to tell you of some of the open ended plans I have. I want inter-grid travel, but both the HyperGrid and InterWorld Communications (AuroraSim’s version of HG) are non-functional. To my knowledge, there are currently no developers working on either of these.

So, at this point, Excelsior Station will be a closed grid. It will open when we have functioning inter-grid travel. And if the majority wants it. And not 50%+1. To me, a clear majority is two-thirds, sixty-six point six percent.

Then there’s the question of currency. I don’t know. I have to look into what is involved to be in compliance with regulations. I am in favour of having a currency, perhaps the cred, using e$ as the symbol? USD$1 = e$1,000 as an exchange rate?

In the meantime, I can rent land, using PayPal as the medium. Here’s a different way of doing business. What do you think is a fair rate, in US dollars per month, for a 128m by 128m parcel of land with a 10,000 prim allowance. I’m not looking to make a profit, but bills do have to be paid. Oh, and don’t forget, AuroraSim is still alpha’ware.

For now, I plan on limiting those parcels to 100, and give each person a choice of location. They will also be allowed to build roads, small harbours and other things that would contribute to the general enjoyment of role play.

There will be some free land available to individuals, but I am still thinking that one through. It would be a small plot, with a choice of one of the free houses not counting against a small prim allowance. Okay, there’s another question for the community. What would be a fair prim allowance for a free plot of what size land? Okay, so that’s two questions.

I am open to giving some land to be used as bases or HQ’s or some such for role play groups. I think you all will like this one. Once a group gets to a minimum size of four members, no alts, it can register as a role play group and will receive a free bit of land. Measured as a the most minimum of plot sizes, 4m by 4m, per member. The more members in the group, the more land the group controls. Location by choice of the group and cannot be changed. The maximum would be a plot of 128m by 128m. And the limit would be a total of the area of ten standard region equivalents. That would allow a minimum of forty groups of maximum land allowance per group. Oh, and no swelling of the ranks with alts.

There will be freely available a 128m by 128m parcel each to Furries, Tinies, Elves, Vampire, Lycan, Artificial, Mer, Gor, Family, and whoever else I can think of or be convinced of to add to that list. Oh! Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate. With their starbases to remain from 10,000m down to 3,000. Yes, depending on your viewer, you should be able to build up to 10,000m on Excelsior Station. The same for any starfaring role play group. Keep the base to a maximum of 200m by 200m by 200m. And they can be mobile.

Well, those are my thoughts regarding land at Excelsior Station.

The Welcome Centre is coming along nicely. Some tweaking of buildings on PortSide. I’ll set aside a place to hold public meetings. Lots more to be done, lots more to talk about.

And I’ll keep on truckin’ on.

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