The Backstory And The Future
May 14, 2012

Yesterday, Ener posted an interesting piece on her blog, iliveinsl, about creativity. In that post she mentioned the Station by saying "… it’s the story of the place that draws me in – regions like a shipyard with housing (PortSide) and alleys and a medical dome - none of it having to do with how many prims or texture sizes. Excelsior Station piques my curiosity – the notion of it entertains me by telling a story – what’s the history of the place, what’s going on now, what other places are there to explore within it, why is there combat, what’s being fought over? it’s the story and not the details he has toiled over that make it what it is … ". Which sparked my own thoughts.

The story of a place is just as important as the place itself. The only way I can show the importance of backstory is by posing a question. What would Greece be without its backstory?

With that came the realization that Excelsior Station's backstory is still a bit vague and outdated. I had started it with the thought of it becoming an independent VW, but that has changed. (Nice thing about fiction, you can change it as you need). With the Station now having a home on Created Worlds and the current end result of the build, the backstory needs a bit of further development.

Here it is.

I'm a soldier-of-fortune who has been successful enough to be able to purchase a defunct starport and settlement on a large world, CW. Using robots and drones, the settlement has been repaired and refurbished and things are almost ready for people to immigrate to and settle in at Excelsior Station.

There's a small shipyard for the building and repair of starships. Portside is open and ready for merchants, crafters and residents to move in and setup. There's lots of room beneath the landing field for storage and repair shops. If anyone wants to set up, well, they can simply move in and stake out a space. Of course, they'll have to defend those spaces from others, but that's pretty much how Life goes, doesn't it? There's always someone trying to take yours away from you, no matter what laws rule the land.

The Colony has also been brought up to standard and will serve as the main Landing Point for new arrivals. There's even the SkySpires, a structure that was left behind by an avian species who had tried to farm the land and failed. True bird brains since they never seemed to understand that the land is simply too arid and nutrient depleted to be much good for growing anything.

I've never been very good at submitting to Authority. Can't stand those big Corporate ruled worlds with their crowded cities and all those "Don't Do This, Don't Do That" rules. Let people do what they want. If they want to blow each other's brains out over a glowberry muffin, let them. I figure there's only 3 laws that anyone needs. No rape. No child molestation. And give the other guy a fair chance to shoot back. Forget all that lawyer mumbo-jumbo. The only Habeous I'm interested in is whether I end up as the Corpus or the other guy does.

But, some people want that little bit of extra security, so land is being set aside for those that are safety conscious. They'll be able to have their plots of land to build a house or workshop on. There'll be a small merchants area as well, for those merchants who don't care to risk gun fire around their shop inventory. At a reasonable rate, of course.

There is a future story for the Station, though that is still to be written. Perhaps I will dedicate a page to the stories that people will have about Excelsior Station. I think it would be fun and interesting to see what sort of history we can make.

And there's no need to wait until Created Worlds officially opens to begin creating those stories. They are accepting applications for Beta accounts. Created Worlds has now completed its transition over to AuroraSim and logins have been enabled. We've been bug hunting and so things are coming along just fine.

One of the big concerns people have with a new grid is the security of their content. Created Worlds is very aware of this and are dedicated to the security of content. In fact, to quote one of the owners, Zarta Vargas, from a recent conversation "… the important things with this transition are that we now have variable-sized regions, other benefits that come with aurora, and also a way to track original creation/ownership of items. to me, the last is probably the most significant, …". I added the bold for extra emphasis. Zarta continued and also said "… all cw travelers and settlers can be assured that we'll continue to make improvements that can help with creative endeavors, undertakings, projects within cw… … …. without creativity, cw (and any virtual world) is nothing, …". Again, I added the bold for emphasis.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how Created Worlds is able to track that ownership. And I am not going to tell you about any other security measures that they have in place.That is because I don't know. Nor do I want to know. Furthermore, even though I can figure out how some of how it works, I am not going to weaken that security by posting my thoughts on it.

Fellow gridlings, I am as aware of the scams and rip-offs out there as you are. I have the confidence in Created Worlds to have Excelsior Station there. That's two years of work that I have dedicated to the building and development of the Station and I have placed its safety and security in their hands.

Created Worlds is accepting Beta memberships and have a Beta land deal happening right now. They are seeking all class of creators, from fashion to scripts to animations, everything. I encourage you to contact them and talk with them. They are approachable and are always willing to talk with you and to answer your questions.

And you can help with the Station's future history.

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