Viewer's Choice
August 9, 2012

Okay, so I’ve got a bit of a twisted outlook on things and here’s one. In entertainment there’s all these awards where the viewers choose the winning participants but not in the Metaverse. In the Metaverse its the participants who choose the viewers. Yeah, so there’s also a bad pun in there, too.

Last article I covered a couple of things, including the recent policy change by Linden Lab to remove the –loginuri switch from the Second Life Viewer code, thereby ensuring that the SLViewer could not be used to login to OpenSim and AuroraSim grids. This was done in compliance with Havok’s licensing demands. Yes, Linden Lab has been pwned by Havok. This new limitation will include Third Party Viewers that are based on SLViewer 3.3.4 and later. The result is that a viewer can login to Second Life or to an OpenSim grid, but not both. And so we have “viewer’s choice”.

There will be some fallout over this. For those of us who no longer support Linden Lab and stay out of SL, we’re going to suffer a loss of viewer choice. But not right away. Viewers that are based on V1, such as Imprudence and Phoenix, will still be usable in OpenSim. Viewers that are currently based on 3.3.3 and earlier will still be usable. And this situation will not remain unchanged. The Phoenix-Firestorm team has already stated that they will produce two viewers, one for SL and one for OpenSim. I expect others to do the same. A few will go the SL only route while some will say “bugger it” and will end their relationship with LL.

The fallout has already begun. The first to succumb to the new policy is Niran’s Viewer. NiranV had always intended that his viewer be used in Second Life only, but many of us liked its quality graphics capabilities and used it across OpenSim. I personally liked it for its RP graphics setting and used that whenever I visited Port Conor on Kitely. But, no longer. With the loss of the –loginuri switch, Niran’s Viewer is now to be used in SL only.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the loss of a quality viewer.


Well, enough of that.

I had originally thought that I would make a notation on Misfit’s Index of Viewers that Niran’s Viewer has fallen to Havok’s, I mean Linden Lab’s, licensing policies and then it would be moved to a new Table on the MIV that would have been used in remembrance of other viewers that have fallen in line. But then I had a good night’s sleep and have changed my mind. I won’t support Linden Lab in any way. I have no need to add extra work for viewers that can only be used in SL. If someone wants a Second Life compliant viewer, they can Google LL’s TPV directory. The MIV is for OpenSim and AuroraSim.

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